Please know each pair is made to order and will take a minimum of 14 business days before shipping

Care for your plugs

I want you to be as happy as possible with any and all orders you make with Plugs By Emma! If you have any issues with them when they arrive please contact me within 7 days of receiving them and I will try my absolute best to solve any issues or problems for you.

Follow these instructions to keep your plugs in tip top shape:

-Do not wear them while swimming/showering or when you come in contact with any water. Water can beat up the chemicals used to make the plugs and it will make them wear down over time as they are exposed.

-I would avoid wearing them while sleeping if at all possible because it may put uneeded pressure on the jewelry which over time may cause them to break  

-Keep them out of any extreme heat; so if it's one of those 100 degree days, it'd be best to not wear your sweet new plugs that day, just to be safe!

-When cleaning them if need be, avoid any super harsh soaps, and try to just clean the metal parts of the plug itself to avoid exposing the resin to water  

-As with any plugs, especially those made with resin, try your best not to drop/cause harm to them as much as you can! They do have the potential to break and be scratched and we don't want that to happen!

Any other questions just ask :)